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Power, Purpose, Freedom, Love

Discover who you are, what you’re here to do and how to exercise your freedom to become a powerful force for good in your family and the world.

[sov-er-in] [dad]

A dad who decides to walk the road towards…

accepting responsibility for and exercising authority over yourself… bravely walking into the deepest and darkest parts of who you are… reclaiming your power and freedom to create… maintaining a clear direction and definiteness of purpose… serving as an example for those who look up to you… living your life in alignment with your will and intention to add goodness to the world around you.

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Are You Living the Life You’ve Chosen Or Are You Living the Life You’ve Been Told To Live?


Do you know who you are? Are you connected with your power to create and direct in alignment with your will and intention?


Are you setting the example you want to set for those closest to you? Are you being the man who inspires and empowers those who love you to live and grow into their fullest potential?


Are you doing the work you are here to do? Are you doing work that will satisfy you, add value to the world and offer the material success you desire?

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